Team Rocket Day


Lol you’re fast on the comeback


Pretty good ones also


I just saw a zubat in pogo


But it blasted off!


I don’t ever see those much here


Yeah Giovanni might want a stupid Zubat


I think we should be out there making threats and taking things


I got someone on my local Discord to start doing Baby Battles on PvP.


That’s pretty good but you need to remember babies are Smoochum Munchlax and the ones like that how the hell is my baby form of Clefairy supposed to beat a Dratini


Off topic


I don’t think so we are talking about making children fight each other I think that’s evil


No likes for you!


Lol good times good times


You know the more than I think about it @5GodLink should be our leader


I caught these raid bosses yesterday


Not bad buddy


Nice! I haven’t done a Kyogre raid yet since the return.


You can do it with 4 people


Why? He is kind of elusive. Here a lot then not. I think @Branebs is doing fine job.


I’m not saying he’s doing a bad job I don’t mean that at all but if you think about it in the games you hardly see Giovanni and his is always tough to beat just described link right?