Team Rocket Day


Let’s vote. When should next Team Rocket Days be organized?

  • from Monday to Thursday
  • from Tuesday to Friday
  • from Wednesday to Saturday
  • from Thursday to Sunday
  • from Friday to Monday
  • from Saturday to Tuesday
  • from Sunday to Wednesday
  • whole week
  • on weekdays
  • during weekend

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Every weelend Or every other weekend


Team Rocket Days #5 are here! Welcome! Have fun! :rocket: :smiley_cat:


If you want to participate, you must follow the rules of Team Rocket Days.

  1. Dress up your avatar in Team Rocket’s uniform
  2. Use Meowth as your buddy
  3. Use Wobbuffet in a battle (completed by @UltraInstinct841)
  4. Put red hair like Jessie has or purple hair like James has on your avatar (completed by @Lingyujie)
  5. Write in 10 different topics about Team Rocket
  6. Give 10 likes in the Team Rocket Day thread (completed by @bobbyjack8)
  7. Catch a raid boss (completed by @UltraInstinct841)
  8. Draw a member of Team Rocket (completed by @UltraInstinct841)
  9. Send gifts to Team Rocket members




@UltraInstinct841 use Wobbuffet in a battle!




@Pokemon are you joining this time?



Yes but I can’t do much


Can I also put it an a gym?




Once team rocket took over pokemon.coms official website




Use it in any type of battle and if you wish you can put it in a gym.



But ash failed even more …



I don’t have pic but I just fused meo jr. on the fusion website
But mime owth is so funny :rofl: