Team Rocket Day


Yes I blasted lapras off


Does anyone want to be team rockets deli bird?





We have already stolen Pikachu because no-one is changing their profile picture to him
And also he says the anime would have been boring if team rocket caught Pikachu. In my opinion every episode where team rocket is not the main character is boring.


Yes, Team Rocket are the stars of the show :star_struck:


Blasted you off


Lap Lapras ras


Team Rocket is probably the only reason I continue to watch the cartoon with my kids. Just gave my son the Sun and Moon DVD for Christmas. We will probably start it today if I can get him to stop playing Ultimate Smash Bros. for a second.


There you are Wobbuffet (@bobbyjack8)! What did I tell you? :arrow_right: Team Rocket Day If you don’t listen, you’re going back into your Poke Ball!




Got us one more


Not much chance of starting Sun and Moon. His girlfriend got a hover board too and they are all riding around the neighborhood together.


Hover board ran out of juice. We are recharging now and watching Sun and Moon. It sounds like James had a stroke. What happened?


My new catches for Giovanni (@Necrozmadabest)


Dont know never saw sun and moon


Maybe they changed voice actors? I’m only up to watching 3rd season of Gen 3 so watching this, I’ve skipped a bunch of seasons.


And I fell and blasted you off


my new catches for ash