Taking down themed gyms


All the themed gym threads are closed, so I’ll post this here. I took a picture before I killed it.

Is there gym etiquette?

Good job I don’t care for themed gyms I either take them down or mess up the theme


You two are true villains. Giovanni will be proud.


No, I like the themed gyms and usually play along. I was giving this one the proper shout out before I took it down.


Melmetal is the ultimate theme buster


How is Melmetal as a gym defender? I have yet to face one and have debated about leaving mine in a gym.


He’s decent.


The only theme that matters to me is color, as in yellow, blue, or red – if it’s a team other than mine (and I have time) I’ll take it down, or give its defenders a few pokes in the eye, or at least cost somebody a few golden razzes if they’re keeping the defenders revived.


He can be put in a gym


The point is that he’s a metallic giant that looks nothing like any other Pokemon besides maybe the Klink line


Yes, but should I start using him as a gym defender?


He’s decent


Like better or worse than Snorlax or Slaking? Is he annoying to have to fight? I’m asking because I haven’t encountered one in a gym yet.


How can he be put in a gym if he’s a mythical


You can put him in a gym. I was prompted to all morning. Now I will.


I’ve removed a few from Gyms now. They are not annoying to battle and are just as easy to remove as most.


Yeah, I wasn’t expecting them to be like Blissey, but I wanted to know if they would be on par with Slaking or Snorlax. Not that they are all that hard to beat.


I faced Melmetal couple times in gyms, its defense is at the level of Slaking except it could do some damage to attacker, being a defender it’s not as bad as Tyranitar


Cool! I’ll start using it where I’m not Gold yet.


That line made my day