Survey for gamers from the USA/ Poland please help!


Hey all,

Please do not consider this as spam: it is highly connected with Pokémon and Pokémon Go

I am writing to you with a request: Could you please complete my survey? I need to prove my hypothesis about Pokémon Go and lifestyle (Master’s degree)

link for English speaking (especially the USA)

link for Poles/Polish speaking

Thank you in advance for your help!


First, I’d like to say welcome to the hub @Usagi
Hey, I clicked on your survey on my computer and it said that I need to turn my phone around. I will complete it on my phone though and want to help!:grin:


Look forward to filling it out!


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


I need a few more answers, you can do it! :slight_smile:


I completed your survey. Hope my story is amusing.


I also filled it out.


@everyone please help @Usagi


@Usagi , I called for help and now you have more people!


Filled it up but it seems the link to Polish version crushed


Im not from USA but im english soeaking so i filled in


I went on and filled the survey. It was good, but some questions were missing some options. Example the collectible section; there is no option for “haven’t bought any” good survey otherwise


I have totally forgotten about “no” in that question O_o
some ppl just typed “no” in ‘other please specify’


Drear all,
I’ve already gathered all necessary answers.
Thank you soooo much for you help.
You are the best!! :smiley:

Please disregard this topic.


I noticed you had forgotten about NO. :rofl:


You are welcome. Do you play?


I play only a little bit. I am the one that spends in a game less that 15 min daily ^^ I couldn’t participate in chamander/squirtle Community Day so my pokémon collection is rather poor. For me, game in agumented reality that requires a lot of walking is quite interesting nevertheless. :slight_smile:


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