[Suggestion] How about the hub in Spanish?


Hi everyone! I’m Alberto from Argentina. I speak English very well so I can read the forum in English, but there are many people out there that can’t understand it (my boyfriend for example) so I propose myself to translate some of the news if the owners agree! I don’t have many spare time so I’d need help from someone! It’d be nice to have the hub in other languages wouldn’t be? Regards from the south!


It would be awesome, but I’m afraid it’s an impossible effort currently. GO Hub has more than 1200 subpages (news + pages), so that would be an extraordinary difficult effort. We are thinking about doing it, but we’re not sure how to proceed on the subject.

If you have any idea on how to do it at such a massive scale, let us know,


Hi! I suggest only with the recent news and continue with the rest slowly. As you said it’d be impossible to have all the topics translated!


What you guys can do right now and I’m sure is very possible is make a forum here and make it accessable to other languages like yours.


I’ve tried to push a line for spanish speaking people… it was full of energy for one week, but after it calms down.
The problem is allways the same… to find people, who have enough time to spend, who have enough energy to push, and not only a day, a week or a month.
So, I wish you good luck, I would help (inside my limitations)… let’s see what the future brings.


One month and no new reaction… :crying_cat_face:
It’s exactly the problem I saw, many people would read this part of the forum, but nobody has time or energy to put it on work.


Yeah, its quite difficult to do it, given how huge the Hub is.