Strategies for choosing pokemon for lucky trade


What’s your best strategy for picking pokemon for lucky friend trades? Would you pick differently if both sides were you? (My two trainers became lucky friends this morning, and I want to make the best choice for the trade…)

Tips? Experiences?


Had a lot of experience with lucky trades. Typically, I go for Pokemon who are useful counters for upcoming raid bosses that I want to max out more of and save on dust. Also, I look forward to future raid counters and see who I may need to max out in the future. Cheaper to max out a lucky pokemon than non-lucky so this is a good strategy.

Some that I have focused on are:
Origin Giratina - for Mewtwo, Deoxys raids
Cranidos - will be an important Gen 5 counter
Moltres with sky attack - best of 2 types fire and flying, will be useful in Gen 5
Rayquaza - best dragon type, so always good to max out a bunch
Gible -since its so hard to find a good one in the wild
Mewtwo with Shadow Ball, if you have low IV ones
Roserade - best of two types grass and poison, useful to max a couple
Raikou, Electivire, Mamoswine - all useful guys to Max out for Gen 5 bosses

Or anything else you might have fun maxing out, Shiny Legends like Kyogre or Groudon. Basically anything worthy of being maxed out is worth a lucky swap!


Thanks. For most pokemon I have saved only the ones over 80 IV (if I had captured more than I wanted to keep, anyway). So there’s going to be a risk of reduced IV in the trade for most things… How to finesse that?


well I wouldn’t lucky trade anything with a really good IV, I would simply just keep that and power it up as normal. Anything over 90 iv obviously don’t trade those. The lowest IV that can come out of a lucky trade is an 80, 12-12-12, so the risk of a slightly lower IV is worth the reduced stardust cost in my opinion. For example, an 87 iv could become an 84 iv, etc, but to max it out from Level 20, the dust would only be 112,500 vs. 225,000. If you need more high level counters, this is still worth it.


Anything I might want to max out


I mostly trade same legendaries with locals because it costs half the dust to max them out.


I agree with bobbyjack8 I try and trade shiny legendary or if it’s some that’s going to take alot to power up


I’ll second both of Punk828’s posts.
It mirror images whats been done with the other family member accts and soon on mine once I eventually get to great friends status.
The only thing I will add is we’ve given priority to Shiny ones as it’s nice to have a good Shiny you can use.


I do like-for-like, that way nothing is really lost.


I agree with what @Punk828 said, I would lucky trade for something I am sure I will power up if IV turns out to bo good. I did mirror trade with lucky friends so it’s fair to both of us