Squirtle shiny rate was really high?


I got a 25% shiny rate personally and with 32 encounters I got 8 shinies. I only spent 30 mins and I was in a small city with a few lures.
My graph is looking like this.
Hopefully this rate stays cause this is great.


Or you were just lucky😶…


One person I was playing with hasn’t got any in 100+ checks. I got 5.


Hopefully the shiny rate does increase because that happens a painfully often frequency


162 caught, 9 shiny, 4 of wich with sunglasses.
5.55% shiny. Not that high for me.


I have a shine
I only caught 6 squirtles, so that’s a lot
one of my syringes was 280 cp and got glasses on i do not know why it’s raining here why niantic why not


158 caught, 6 shinies, 3 with and 3 without sunglasses

I’m happy with my catches but my shiny rate wasn’t nearly as high.


Not as high as Dratini community day rate but high enough.

Especially with the fact we get shiny from quest. Could of been higher but i’m not complaining.


Ik got 2 shiny’s out of 31 catches.
No lures used and had to be done between work.


10 shiny, 2 with sunglasses. Most people in my group had around 8+


Caught many Squirtles today and evolved this!!!


Didn’t keep track of exact numbers but everyone I’m my group found that the shiny rate seemed to be higher. Though in our town people were spreading which stops had the shiny sqirtle squad spawns which might have made the total shiny counts go up for us also.

Either way I got 8 normal shinies and 3 shiny sunglasses.