[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!



I have a feeling that the fish Cramorant shoots at you is a new Pokemon as well.


Gen 8 will have very detailed customization it seems:

Alcremie’s different flavors:


I am really hyped for the game


Same. November can’t get here soon enough. This game will consume my free time. :wink:


I’ll even hunt down the time stone to move us through time to get one lol


My roommate and I are already getting hyped about the possibility of doing raids together. We’re also buying opposite versions so we can trade the exclusives.


I probably could get it on my birthday seeing how it comes out the very next day


My son will get Sword if he gets straight A’s on his first report card. If not, then he will have to wait until Christmas.


He gets a report card before christmas?


He should get first one in early November.


They are teasing a blurred image of a new Gen 8 Pokemon. It’s a fighting type.

Also: apparently there will be no Elite 4 in Sw&Sh.


If you turn it sideways, a lot of people think it looks like a duck with a green lance and shield. That falls in line with a leak that has proven to be accurate that stated that Farfetch’d will get an evolution called “Sirfetch’d”.


To me it looks like a Shiny Cubone with a leek and a bamboo stick in its hands.


In my opinion it looks on a substitute with a cubone head



Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of fan art now. If it’s not “Sirfetch’d”, I’ll be shocked.


It is indeed Sirfetch’d.

Note: Pokemon Sword exclusive. lol





Interesting thing… I’m really thinking about changing my pre-order from Shield to Sword version… :thinking:
But who knows what other exclusives I’d miss by that.

Even more interesting: once Gen 8 is to drop in Pokémon GO (yeah, it’s still years…But I like thinking ahead), how are they going to handle it :thinking::thinking::crazy_face:


Why not buy both