[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


But it offers an opening for a special string of environment related evolutions. Might be different than the lure evolutions of Eevee for example.


Morpeko aka grumpy hamster. :yum:


Don’t most people view Starlings, Crows, Ravens as essentially 3 sizes of blackbird? Farmers and avian biologists notwithstanding, anyway…


Where the dragon eevelution at


Hangry? Isn’t that the term where your hungry and you get angry? That’s how my family uses it. Lol


Where’s a lapras or dedenne evolution at?


I love that Giant turtle looks like something out of godzilla


The new weezing is a bong!


Describes me when I’m hungry, I have to wait too long in a restaurant and the waiters ignore me. :crazy_face:


Yell was leaked ages ago yet they still look stupid
Obstagoon is cool tho, might use it, and its nice to sse them try to make the Pika-clone more interesting


Yeah, I know. It leaked with a lot of stuff that has ended up being true. lol

I doubt Yell are the real antagonists. They feel more like comic relief.

I have a feeling that we’ll get the Galarian variants (and even Obstagoon) in GO as part of a Sword and Shield tie-in.


I’m certainly hoping to see that, now that the core games are confirmed to never have all the Pokémon again, it seems that GO might be the one to do that


I hold out hope that they will change their mind on that. Not in Gen 8, but by Gen 9. I mean, so many Pokemon will already be “updated” and re-done for Sw&Sh that it will be easier to simply move them from one title to the next while adding some older Pokemon back in.

One can dream.


It is already stupidly easy to move them, its that they dont want to so that they can cash you for all of the games AND for Home (since you will have to keep them in for longer if they dont appear in SwSh)


New Pokemon shown today!

Polteageist … I kid you not. It’s a ghost type that lives in a broken teapot. It apparently tastes like tea, so … you can eat/drink it. Doing so will give you a stomachache though.

Cramorant. This one has been rumored for awhile. If you use Surf or Fly, it comes back with a fish Pokemon in its mouth that it throws at enemies. As you might have guessed, it’s water/flying.


I wonder what we are going to get as a tie in to PoGo like Meltan.


I’m betting on Galarian forms right away.


Official artwork:

Also: Alcremie comes in different “flavors”:



Mrs. Potts! What have they done to you?! D:


My first thought as well. lol