[spoilers] New Sword and Shield Pokemon! GEN 8!


Yeah, I’m trying to just post something as a baseline. The leaker doesn’t know anything about stats, etc, I’m afraid.


Toxtricity has a second form called “Amped form”, which is the yellow maned version.

Baby Pokemon
24.3 lbs
It manipulates the chemical makeup of its poison to produce electricity. The voltage is weak, but it can cause a tingling paralysis.

88.2 lbs
Low Key Form
It has an electrical organ on its chest. While generating electricity, it fills its surroundings with what sounds like the strumming of a bass guitar.


Sandaconda’s nose is a double barrelled shotgun! :rofl:

Sand Snake Pokemon
16.8 lbs
It spews sand from its nostrils. While the enemy is blinded, it burrows into the ground to hide.

Sand Snake Pokemon
144.4 lbs
Its unique style of coiling allows it to blast sand out of its sand sac more efficiently.


Someone calculated this for the starters:

Intelleon: 70/85/65/125/65/120/530
Cinderace: 80/116/75/65/75/119/530
Rillaboom: 100/125/90/60/70/85/530

Seem kinda precise for estimates though. lol


I do. Just made some formulae about how the base stats can be calculated.


I was told there would be no math.



Not for you lol. I am making a spreadsheet that calculates it for you


By the way, as a test run, the high estimate of the base hp stat for Scorbunny last evolution is 95


What a weird ability for Eiscue.

Penguin Pokemon
196.2 lbs
Ice Face
This Pokemon keeps its heat-sensitive head cool with ice. It fishes for its food, dangling its single hair into the sea to lure in prey.

Penguin Pokemon
196.2 lbs
Noice Face
The hair on its head connects to the surface of its brain. When this Pokemon has something on its mind, its hair chills the air around it.


Looks like you’ll be stuck with your Pokemon party in some areas. Unlike Let’s Go, it states “there are some places where it won’t work.”

EDIT: Also just noticed that the Escape Rope is now a key item. Nice!



@VanHooIII Cinderace


Ok let’s not crop the pic that low




Finished for uses. I’ll PM you so we can work on the base stats of all Pokemon lol


Cool! :slight_smile:


Apparently, the Pokemon in the Wild Area are lv60 after you beat the game.

1/3 of Wild Area available right away, the rest unlocks after badge 3. The first daycare is very early, and there is an area called “Ditto’s Habitat” … lol


Fun fact, according to my spreadsheet, the average BST of the starter evolutions are the same. 547




The leaker called it a night. Apparently, we will get the stats for Eldegoss, Cursola, Perrserker, Coalossal, Galarian Weezing, and anything else tomorrow.


Max move power levels:

Max Starfall Play Rough -> 130
Max Lightning Spark -> 120
Max Darkness Crunch -> 130
Max Lightning Wild Charge -> 130
Max Strike Double-Edge -> 140
Max Strike Take Down -> 130
Max Overgrowth Razor Leaf -> 110
Max Strike Slam -> 130
Max Strike Uproar -> 130
Max Darkness Knock Off -> 120
Max Strike Quick Attack -> 90
Max Strike Headbutt -> 120
Max Airstream Brave Bird -> 140
Max Airstream Drill Peck -> 130
Max Steelspike Steel Wing -> 120