Speculation - We are just one step away from the fabled ultra bonus unlock,but what is it?



Lol no one posted this for 2 days :rofl:


I think it will be either a gen 4 release wave or a Mewtwo day. I really want a Mewtwo day, as I only have one Mewtwo out of five passes ( first ran, second I had to let my friend do for me as I was on holiday. I caught this one. The next two were during school over 3 miles away, and the latest was in school again


Mewtwo day would be good and meen to those who worked hard to get their Mewtwos. And I will Never get one from that day.


I predict Gen 4.


I hope so. I’ve been waiting too long for it…


That’s be nice. I’d laugh like crazy if it ends up being the crazy crossover theory (very highly doubt it’ll happen, but still I’d laugh nonetheless)


The fusion? That would be EPIC


Pidgey plus Mewtwo :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Could it be more wild Unown spawn during limited period of time???


hows this for a fusion: Shuckle+Hershey Chocolate?? Long live lord shucklate!!!


I don’t think niantic considers gen 4 as a “bonus”…(well obviously they have to release them eventually)
It have to be something very special,and impossible to obtain during regular gameplay. Or like a feature we never thought of having.
I don’t know…
But,I have a few speculations like
1.mewtwo day
2.master ball
4.wu release
5.team change option
6.level cap alteration
7.IV alteration
8.Gym rework
9.Mega stone thread
10.Adding NPC
11.Regional unlocks
12.Portal Submission system
13.Team Rocket
14.Pokemon centres
15.Battle stations
Just my opinion!


Well last time the Pokémon travel reward was farfechd. I strongly think it will be a regional unlock ( or two or three). I personally really, really, REALLY hope it’s a Mewtwo day


So many possibilities.
Well it’s only 1 week away.


I dont really think they will do that as ultra bonus unlock.


Maybe just a new feature, team change really isn’t better than articuno day, and that was just a bonus!




you don’t have mewtwo, then?


He might … But I strongly hope it wont be Mewtwo day.


you hope for gen 4? I do. i have candies socked up for all new evolutions except dusknoir porygonzand rhyperior