Speculation - Conceptual Mechanic: Pokemon Amie and a Playground AR Mode | Pokemon GO Hub



Yes, we need this ASAP.


That eevee looks so cute on the ds


Haha, thats why I am a proud owner of my D.S :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


I really enjoy the looks of the idea. And it’s not too hard for Niantic to add, as the ar features are already in game. That would be a nice starting point, like a photo option on the Pokémon’s menu.


But the levels of friendship could easily relate to the friendship system: good friend , great , ultra and then best. It would unlock bonuses too. Maybe it would only work on the Pokémon they is currently your buddy.


one cool idea for pokemon playground is if you live near a beach make it so your kyogre (if you have one)is seemingly coming out of the water.


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