Special Move of Previous CD Featured Pokemon


Are these Special Moves available ONLY during the 3 hours bonus time just like that in the previous CD or it is available the whole week end (DEC2)?

Sorry I have not check it yet myself as I am still busy catching 'em all… till they last this time.


Whole week


Thanks. I was in a hurry earlier and got five Eevees evolve into each evolution to get all of them Last Resort :laughing:

My last and only 50minutes of the event becomes an evolution thing to have those mons I have not evolve in their own CDs to get their featured move.

Just learned oversleeping during CD or event day is not a good thing :sob:


Keep in mind that Last Resort is only a trophy/collectible, keep it away from the Eeveelutions you are using


Meaning useless in battle?




Great! Then I guess I just got 5 trophy then! :laughing: