Soloed Raids


What raids have you soloed?
I have soloed 2 Alolan raichu, one Machamp, and a weather boosted Aereodactyl.


Raichu, Machamp, Gengar, Alakazam, Aerodactyl and Flareon


From Tier 3+ I have only soloed Aerodactyl. And more than once. I actually have never lost from it.


I’ve soloed Alolan Raichu, Flareon (weather boosted) and Scyther to my immediate memory.


Before cp rebalance:
Aerodactyl, machamp, gengar, starmie, all tier 1 and tier 2 except for shuckle

New ones after:
Not yet


alolan raicu, manchamp


Ive done at least 30 machamps…still no hundo yet…3 98s


Well, the chance for a 98% or 100% combined is 1/54, you should be glad


I haven’t tried to solo any t3 raids yet


my one t3 was porygon




Quite a few tier 3 raids - machamp, porygon, scyther, starmie, vaporeon and piloswine. Will try to solo alolan raichu next.


Easier to say what I havent soloed and thatd be only ninetails and skarmory :smile:


Any raid monster with 3K+ CP and below :joy:


It isn’t hard, just use Houndoom/ TTar , they seem to do better than Ground types like Groudon.


True that, gengar and SB M2 works miracles too, groudon is OKish in sunny/clear weather due to access only to EQ which is just terrible for being 1 bar move


A lot…

All T3 except the new skarmory.
Solo with a team of best counter style and using a team of unique 6 counter no legendary style on some T3 also.
For T2 raids, i like to use some theme squad like using a team Rockets,Ash or old gym prestiger pokemons

And i am happy to say that i am not worthy to solo the lord Shuckle


Jolteon soloed a minute ago


What party?


solo everything but T4/T5