So what's the new event?


I had a notification like 4-5 hours ago on my phone saying something like ‘‘not tired of pikatchus and eeevees…’’ and I accidentally deleted the notification before I was able to read it. Did anyone catch it? what’s the new event about?


It’s just referencing the Pikachu and Evee clothes in the store.


wow lame. I thought it’s the Christmas event. On 6th it’s already Saint Nicholas Day (aka Santa Claus) in my country. where are the presents Niantic?


Right? Yeah, I thought for a second that shiny Pikachu and Evee were going to stick around a few extra days. Nope. lol


I can’t really get enough of Pikachus and Eevees, both are not left behind even if storage is already full, some pokemon will be dump to pick a pikachu or an eevee along the way.




Are you dutch or are you from Belgium?




Let go, it doesn’t matter, and there’s no reason to press him for an answer.