So what do we want from PvP?



Hello all

I think, I as much as the next carrot wants PvP for Pokémon go. I want to battle my friends and show them kick bottom, but what rewards do we want stardust, XP, candys or what?
Do you worry there will bring in PvP passes to make you pay to play?

Word up and out, boooom.


I really hope they don’t lock pvp to locations like gyms and stops. I don’t think they will, but I would not put it past them.


I think you would be able to do it anywhere and it would use Bluetooth. For Winning a match (depending on level of trainers) you should get 100-10000 XP (last one is if a level 1 beats a level 40😁). If there are PVP passes then many will see the whole thing as a fail, but there will probably be a battle limit like 20 a day.


They couldn’t give out rewards, or it would be easily exploited to farm XP from home with multiple accounts.


Play for keeps! Put a mon on the line


I think putting a cap is a great idea. But Monthly cap is even better than daily. Becuz i dont think we could battle everyday but twice a week or something lole that is reasonable. So basicly the cap automaticly renews every month.
As much crazy as this may sound, i hope PVP also carries the option to battle online. So it will help rural players sometimes. This could be rewarded to high level players so they could make online leagues with their community. For instance, we could have some leagues here in the hub for fun? I know socialising is what Niantic flagship but online is kinda socialising too.
For me i dont have a good group of players anumore like last year. And im a little bit afraid of battling with strangers. You know sharing who has what pokemons and competive battling is another story. There are short tempered people out there and its gonna be my fear. So unless battle with people I know, I wont be around battling everywhere with whoever I see according to Niantic.


Honestly, nothing. The battle system would have to undergo a fairly large revamp for PvP to work. If it were to be implemented in its current state, it’d be a disaster. The optimal strategy would be dodge as much as possible, rendering any moderately slow quick moves useless. Also, there would have to be some kind of incentive to battle, it’d get boring within weeks. Similar to raids - I’m sure many, many people would’ve stopped caring for them as much (excluding Legends) if raid-exclusive rewards weren’t a thing.

Of course, as mentioned, rewards for something that should be accessible at any time would be a tough nut to crack. All of these predicaments lead me to hope PvP isn’t going to be a thing for a very, very long time - potentially, ever. After all, Niantic is pushing PoGo to be a team game, not a competitive 1v1 one. The main series Pokemon games are where the battling should remain.


I strongly believe we won’t see PVP this year.
The mechanics behind it are very complicated and I doubt Niantic will want to release such an important feature in a very early alpha-like stage.
There’s space for a lot of improvement and speculation now when it comes to PVP. I honestly think it will be local, meaning you will have to meet with your opponent in person, somewhere outside in the real world. There could be arena’s (on a local or global ranking scale), Ranking matches, Stardust leagues, Grass-type focused leagues, etc. etc. etc. the possibilities are limited to your imagination at this moment.

PVP will happen, it’s just a matter of time. We will see this feature improve over time and it will become as big and important (if not bigger) than the current raid system/meta.

Who knows, maybe early next year? Maybe summer next year?


What if they make a team vs team mode instead of pvp?


It seems like Niantic caters mostly to the casual playerbase, so I highly doubt that we will have any kind of online battle tournaments with rankings, ratings, etc. Now that’s not to say the players can’t organize local community tournaments with their own rules, but I think the PVP system will be fairly easy and simple when it does eventually come out. And as for mechanics. I don’t know if any of you have tried the app “poke genie arena”, but they have a “PVP” mode where you generate energy by using your quick moves, and if you fill up your energy enough, you can dodge a COUPLE times or switch out, then you have to build up your energy again before you can dodge or switch any more. I thought it was a great idea to prevent dodge-spammers and put an emphasis on timing and type-advantage.


I want an you go I go System also know as Turn Based Battle System for PVP.


I’ll start of by saying I have absolutely no interest in PvP.

I hope it’s not going be like the Arcade Fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter where you’d be fighting the game AI and some clown would come up drop money in and interrupt your game for a challenge.
Although that did provide entertainment for me when big heads that thought they were hot stuff would challenge my younger brother and always lose badly :rofl::rofl::rofl: