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Why was this flagged ?


I’m not sure. Also, it wasn’t flagged at all. However, you can read it, right? I can but I’m not sure if everyone else can, too.


Could “LISTED 21 HOURS AGO” have something to do with it? And everyone can see it think.

Maybe @Thorend can shed some light on this?


The topic was randomly unlisted. Not sure why, though.

But I think we should get on topic now. :slight_smile:


Keep the zen headbutt.

The difference isn’t that big. For attacking Lick is somewhat better, but do not think it worth spending a TM. And Snorlax is not an attacker by nature, more a defense Pokemon for in gyms.


Does it show who flagged it ?


100% surely a no-go on using a TM on that.

Low level snorlax,most likely crap IV.
Also, a snorlax for pvp / rockets is useless
Also also, if you only got 1 TM and no real acces to more, this is a big waste.

Don’t do it :slight_smile: