Slakoth Evolutions


Which should I evolve into a slaking, a 87 iv lucky slakoth or a 92 iv vigoroth but the CP isn’t that good?(btw I used pokie genie for the iv)


Slaking is useless, so it doesn’t matter


Not true at all.

I get big gym sweeps with Slaking all the time.

And what are the stats, @EricCieszki?


Slaking is good for defending gyms.




The slakoth has an A in both attack and defense but the vigoroth has a B in attack and a C in defense


Then do the slakoth, it is lucky also


Save the vigoroth for cd


Ok thanks


Community days are kinda dumb




Got it and glad I could help


Slaking are great in gyms. I always like it when im up against 1. Lots of points when you defeat it, and you usually only have to dodge it once.

I have only 1 Slaking, and i left it at 1684CP. Dont want a pokemon im not using take up the top CP spots in my bag.


It is also good for gym sweeps, woth best moveset.