Sinnoh Stone? Anyone?


I’m Level 36 and I have seen exactly 1 stone. I work the 7 day rewards and everything I can think to do. Is anyone else having better luck doing something different? Thanks!


Research box and battles are the only way to get it, but Ive had like 18 stones in total so far


Yeah, since they changed the breakthrough frequency I’ve only landed one that way. I have, however, received 15 so far from PVP.


@PollyWollyDo There’s 3 ways you can get Sinnoh Stones:

  1. at the end of the 7 days of research Tasks.
  2. Do 1 Trainer Battle every day. (Doesn’t matter what league or which Trainer you battle you can only get rewards from 1 Battle)
  3. Do 3 PvP Battles every day for 3 chances at Rewards.

The best way is to do the Trainer and PvP Battles as you can get 4 chances of getting a Stone every Day.


Yeah, I think I‘ve only got two Sinnoh Stone from the Research Breakthrough Box since Niantic made them no longer garanteed.


I only got it one time from Research Breakthrough Box


PvP is the way to go now for Sinnoh Stones.


And I repeat, it’s the bad RNG effect, I have received 20 of this stones.


Landed two from PVP last night. Praise RNGeezus.


I got 2 yesterday. But now because I did a bunch of fights after midnight, I can’t get any more rewards today.


Well, finally after 3 weeks I get one from a Training Battle.

I’ll put the date in here and see how many more days before next one.
Stone received 9.01.2019 from Training Battle - Master League - Candela


I just did another battle. No rewards. Guess I will have to wait until midnight. I’m 1 stone away from completing the 11.


There’s 1 in 7 chance to get them from PvP Battles, and you have 4 opportunities daily. Just keep rolling the dice. There’s a 1 in 5 chance getting them from Field Research Breakthroughs, but I’ve gotten them every week so far. I’ve totaled 15 earned so far.


You can only get 3 pvp rewards a day?
I had 7 a day one time


Impossible. You won’t receive any rewards after you have battled against a player for the third time on a day.

Edit: And you can get a reward from Trainer Battles once per day too, of course.


3 battles today: 1x only dust; 1x dust and rare candy; 1x Sinnoh-stone


You can do 4. There’s the Team Leader battle as well.


3 PvP and 1 Training Battle is all you can get rewards from per day @ARandomName


But the Leader-Battle seems fix in the reward… dust


There is a new topic on the home page on this

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