Show your Gen 4 prep Pokemon!


Here is my gen 4 prep pokemon with ivs included.


You’re missing Magmar, magneton, nosepass, snorunt, Kirlia and togetic


i have all but snorunt and togetic those elusive bastards



Togetic can evolve when gen 5 come out i thought


Gens 5 and 7 have no babies/evolutions from previous gens


I need a snorunt too…



Also, for anyone’s information, I got the Togetic from a raid. We did it with six people easy. Use your Metagross, and have about 4 people, because it is a 4 tier raid


Gen 4.


more like 2 or 3 because of people nowadays having like 3 accounts at hand like brandon tan who has 5 :rofl:






We have 6 accounts or 7


Never got the Fire Starter this fast before. Just got Piplup left to go.


I got 3 Piloswines 100%, 2 Piloswines 98% and one 93% and so on. I’m lacking a good IV Magmar and Tangela :frowning:


I’ll worry about good IV ones later. I just want to see what new ones I can so far.


Update, I now have a 84 iv aipom


Those are pretty much ready, need dust for the rest :sweat_smile: