Shiny trade


I have a few Pokemon that I have multiple shiny versions. Would like to trade if possible. I have a shiny Growlithe I would like to trade for shiny Ponyta. Shiny Abra for shiny female Eevee. Shiny seedot for shiny Charmander.


I would trade my shiny ponyta for the shiny growlithe, but there’s no way to trade except when both parties are less than 100m apart


I have many of all of these. Lol. But as @Brobraam said, you need to be less than 100m apart from each other, so I can’t help you. However, if you want Shiny Charmander, just wait for October. Based on many people’s opinions I can already tell that’s going to be October’s Community Day.


Thanks. I wish Niantic would lift the restrictions on trades.


Not happening soon. If ever…