Shiny Pikachu! Exclusive lol


Comment down below what name I should pick so ypu guys know its not fake lols


I would call it either “boothbroke” as the tanning booth malfunctioned, or “trump” because of the orange.




Thanks man, I have a Pikachu named after me! My life is complete :grinning:


That’s pretty awesome! Not as awesome as the Shiny Zapdos we all got though! :slight_smile:


Haha, well you were the first one who commented. So I guess that was a reward.:grinning:


Shiny Zapdos FTW! Btw it’s actually possible that a pikachu might transform into a ditto. It’s night here in Yokohoma, so I won’t be able to send raid pics of ursaring. when I have the chance tho


I’ve seen pics of Pika-Ditto, but haven’t actually seen a raid Ursaring being fought before. You would be the first, now there’s an accomplishment :joy:


Hey, maybe if the Pikachu is shiny, the ditto will be shiny! That would be AMAZING! Then whatever the ditto transforms into in a battle will be shiny!


Based on Niantic’s track record, you would have to wait until at least 2304 for shiny Ditto to come out😂


Why doesn’t it have the stars around it like my shiny gyrados?