Shiny MewTwo and stat changes



Team Eeveelution discovered some alarming things concerning MewTwo. The link is here ( it is in Spanish, but the point comes across just as well. MewTwo is here, and will be out in the next two days. So much for Hooh😀


So i have to buy more premeum passes . Oh my im not ready :joy::joy::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Yes! Shiny zapdos + mewtwo! Here is a better link tho cuz the one above is spanish

Thanks josh for informing


Much closer @ShadowWolf. It’s here.


enjoy your trip I guess. Can you only do one raid, or three?


haha nice
tomorrow im gonna get one


Does anyone know the BCR for Mewtwo? Is it 2% like Lugia and Ho-oh or is it even lower?


Why mewtwo before mew? "…


Base Capture Rate(Mewtwo) is 6%