Shiny lucky Pokemon - question


Hello all,

I would like to share with all of you something that I did not find easily.
I was checking online I I found very few topic about a “shiny” and “lucky” pokemon.
It’s like a shiny pokemon also lucky one. If shiny is already hard to get imagine a shiny lucky where you can trade once per day!

Well I made one through the event “Best Friend” recently launched for Pokemon GO.

Now every one can really do this “feat”.

I did my first, Salamence.

Thank you community for all your support.
Level 38


Yes. That is generally probably what the lucky friends will be used for. Lucky shinys, lucky legendarys or lucky shiny legendarys.


Shiny Lucky Pokémon are rare. I know local trainers started lining up to their best friends the day lucky friends was released. Lots if people interested in good IV affordable to power up Shiny Pokémon.

At this point I lucky friends seems very rare so I don’t think we will see many initially but I’m sure over the next few weeks they will be increasingly common.


Lucky Shiny 100iv Legendary. crazy!


You know what’s crazy? A Lucky 100% Shiny Alolan Raichu/Marowak!


I got lucky friends with someone in my raid group when they shared their EX pass with me. We’re trying to figure out which shiny mon to trade with each other


Lady Luck just blessed us this very moment with a Lucky Shiny Swinehub for me in exchange for a Lucky Shiny Chikorita for my daugther… Will check their IVs later and I am 99.99 percent sure they are not 100% IVs :rofl:


I wish you the luck though of having that .01% chance. (I wish everyone the chance of a 100% iv shiny lucky Still want that)