Shiny groudon confirmed?!




Finally I can get Kyogre and groudon
And bow both shiny


I just want kyogre
I already have groudon
But a shiny one would be awesome.


I know. I have seen this around 10 am my time





I want to have both Shiny.


So time for some shiny hunting, shame they dont get extra time for each of them


It’s still better than a 3 hour period, a weekend, or a week


I guess
But not if you would be able to TM new moves during that period


lol posted that same photo yesterday/last night Kyorge and Groudon return


I still haven’t found a shiny Plusle or Shuppet after many months of pursuing them (and capturing SEVERAL dozen non-shinies of them)… My hopes for a shiny Groudon remain high; but my expectation is infinitesimal (i.e. not quite zero, but really, really close to it).


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this email could be fake. Reddit pointed out that there’s no case number, and that the support email address is not Niantic’s real address.


We will see in 26 minutes.


Fake or not. I 100% believe there will be shiny.


For all the doubters;


Community GO News


yes sir


I saw it myself when I raided a Groudon earlier today. Not for me, but for someone next to me.

(Isn’t that color gross?)


It’s better than pikachu , and lots of people don’t like dragonites puke green.
But it is a shiny