Shiny Charizard Hype


Are you excited for this Shiny?

  • Shiny Charizard!!
  • Been waiting
  • Tyranitar up next please
  • Please high spawn rate!!

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yes and no for being exited.

Everyone is eager to get shiny charizard. But then what? next CD we complain about it being some meh pokemon?

for me personally, i don’t care which one we get shiny, even pidgey as CD special is reasonably okay. I just like the 3-hour driving around catching them all and having a contest amung us who gets the most shinies :smile:


Shiny charizard is reaaaaly ugly


Shiny Charizard is quite cool, and Blast Burn, if done the same way as Frenzy Plant, will really boost its relevance
But to me, I would prefer a Ralts, Beldum or Larvitar


Thats a matter of taste i guess. I really like the way it looks.


For me charizard is the best looking shiny created. 2nd beinf Rayquaza.


The mega looks kinda cool


mega shiny charizard!


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