Share your Palkia catches


Thought after the last one it couldn’t be better… :smile:


Another one today and yet again more disappointment.


Welcome to the Hundo Palkia club! :smiley:


Wow, regular and weather boosted 100%!


More disappointment today.
9/15 without seeing any CP better than the 89% 15attack I’ve caught.


I had similar luck with Mewtwo. Best I managed to get was a 91%. Just got to keep trying.


Don’t get me started on MewTwo luck, too late I’ve started.
152 Raids Ex and T5 combined. 21 Ex Raids and the best was a 93% 14attack that I gave my ph for a fiend to do as it was a midweek midday time. Best I got myself was 89% 14attck.
Come T5 I chased it hard doing 131 and never got a 100% one. Got a 98% some where in the 120’s done and a couple of 96% along the way.
Groudon gave my one crumb and Kyogre was bad.
My RNG luck stinks.


Just did another on an Ex Gym and guess what?
Same crap more flies :grimacing:


Once I catch 2 of a Legendary I’ve never heard of before it comes out, I’m not really motivated to go out and get any more. Maybe if it was weather boosted?


I mean, not a hundo in 152 tries is expected, average would be 216


RNG is still a jerk, but yeah, that’s about average. It took me over a year to get a hundo Legendary after my first hundo Groudon.


Snagged this beast tonight. :grin:


Another one on the rubbish pile yesterday. First weather boosted one out of 4 I’ve actually managed to catch.
Niantic’s not getting any Premium Passes until the game gives something back. 1 day on the Free Pass is all I’m doing. More time catching the the other stuff for Dust and tearing up Gyms.


Didn’t do any Raids Saturday and intended to do 2 today but had to sacrifice 1 Palkia Raid to do a Machamp on an Ex Gym.
The one Palkia Raid I did was another CP for the rubbish pile but it Dusted me as it didn’t like the taste of Pinaps.


Got my first Palkia this afternoon at a local mall. Hope to return several times before the end of the month, partly because it was only 73 IV, but also because of how challenging it was. Only the open-tier-5 Mewtwo seemed harder (the EX Mewtwo was a relative pushover by comparison).

I’ve got even more respect for those of you here who have landed multiple Palkia (and high-IV ones, at that).


Didn’t do any Raids Monday so banked the Free pass and did 2 Freebies today.
Both Weather Boosted and nothings changed 13/20, and still nothing sighted over 89%.
Both on different Ex Gyms to where I normally play. That 5 Ex Gyms this wave. Lets see if I can get clock blocked again like last week.


Didn’t do one yesterday (Wednesday) as I did a Machamp on a Gym for the 1000 GXP that’s been hard work to Gold. Did one today and got my highest CP/IV of 2257 which can be either 93% or 91% but of course it had to dust me off. This thing really hates me.
10 Ball and throws went like this:
Miss due to jump - Gold Razz, Curve
miss due to jump again - Curve
Hit - Excellent, Curve
Hit - Excellent, Gold Razz, Curve
Hit - Excellent, Gold Razz, Curve
Hit - miss circle, Gold Razz, Curve
Hit - Excellent, Gold Razz, Curve
Hit - Great, Gold Razz, Curve
Hit - Excellent, Gold Razz, Curve
Hit and Dust off - Great, normal Razz, Curve


Caught a 98% Palkia earlier tonight. [shrug.]


96%, 100% and now 98%. Your on a good streak.
Happy for you, very sad for myself.
How many Palkia Raids have you done all up?


I’m 20 for 21 so far.