Share your new Pokédex Registers




Now it’s just Gible and its evolutions to worry about.


i legit need pinaps, been using silvers just to get evolutions :sweat_smile:


Maybe you should drive around and only spin stops for a day or 2…thats what I do, and if I only fast catch no berry, I can usually accumulate 150-200 pinap in a few hours


I keep a reserve of 50 at all times, and I use the extras I get while catching nearby Pokemon. It’s mainly for inventory management, but it’s handy when I need to use one if I come across a Gible.


been just opening gifts.


^^^open mine for Best friends


okay, open mine



Lucky, been looking for a cherubi for like forever, I can only find cherims lol


Heard you use mossy moduel and it may appear but very very very rare.


Yeah I’ve heard that to, but everyone here is popping glacial and magnetic lures, only seen one mossy and that was the one I used lol


i’ll try tomorrow. Mossy + incense. Very doubtful tho.


Beautifly looks cooler. Almost like Mothra


They hatch from 5 km eggs as well.


haven’t been getting 5Km eggs. There not in 7km?

edit - also need chingling so i guess been chasing that too…

Egg list



got both now:


caught this guy in the wild today…Level 35 so happy