Share your latest Pokédex Registers


Finally! My Kanto Pokedex is complete! :smiley: :star_struck: :tada: :trophy:


Just in time for Unova; this was traded by the way. Just need Jirachi now, and that shouldn’t take too long since I’m past the “hardest” page given the Water Festival.


From my first EX raid! :star_struck:


Third time’s a charm :four_leaf_clover:


I’m back to having a perfect Pokedex. 486 out of 486. Feels good.




12 10K eggs in.





Aright people let’s get ready for Unova


I am. Trying to finish off Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh first though.


oh i just meant it is coming out


Why so little dust after hatching 12x10km eggs?


I power up all my Pokemon who are over 95.6% IV, so I spend it when I get it. :wink:


Everything over 96%? Regardless of meta?


Yep. Regardless of meta.


Even Shuckle?


Have you ever tried snorting stardust? You’ll learn why so many players have so few of it.


Even Shuckle. I actually have a 100% Shuckle. I haven’t put much dust in it just yet, but I intend to.


The more you snort, the more you want, lol