Share your latest Pokédex Registers


Just popped up in my yard. I’ve never seen one before.



Powered him up a little bit too.



I’ve been waiting so long to get this!


It’s such a great one to have. Hopefully you can get it to learn Rock Slide without spending too many TMs like I did (it took EIGHT!!).


I got this also!


From glacial lure. Somehow all males.



I finally hatched it!


Males are more common than females for Eevee.


That’s right! But now I have a hole in my Pokedex where female Glaceon is.

After looking at all my unevolved Eevees I realized that I only have 1 female Eevee!


Yeah, so do I. Incidentally, I had only one female Shiny and it became a Leafeon.


They are quite common for me lol
But I dont have any Gible yet


Did this trade yesterday and going for Heracross today. Maybe Carnivine later this week.


As I said, there is the traded Heracross…


FINALLY got a 3* Shellos so I decided to evolve it.


Nice, you know someone who came to the America’s, but it costs so much dust because you are at good friend level


That is no problem for me, I rarely use Dust actually because I have no idea what to spend it on.


If you have free time, you can watch some videos from YouTube about what Pokémon you should spend dust on powering them up