September Important Dates and Tips


September 1st and 2cd: Shiny Wingull Festival:
Shiny rates and spawn rates will be epic!

September 8: Moltres Day: Will be in every non ex gym, Every moltres has sky attack (good move) and a 1/22 Shiny Rate.

September 10th: Ultra Bonus CONFIRMATION: IT IS MORE THAN ONE THING!!!

September 22: Community Day Chickorita

September 29th: By then we could easily have Gen 4.

What are your thoughts, plans, and expectations?






Why sad face???


Because you just reponded with a emoji :sweat:


I am currently super tired so I gave a quick response lol :joy::joy::joy: :thinking::thinking::thinking::joy::joy::joy:


Dont forget the dates the bonusses will be live, wich should be september 3 trough 10 if the previous 2 events are any indications.

Also, Moltres will be on every gym that doesnt have a standing EXraid invite. EXraid gyms that dont have invites for next week will have Moltres on them (so you can trigger them for a week later :slight_smile: )


@Pokemon, nice summary


Thanks… I can’t find my other topic on the Ultra Bonus that I made :japanese_goblin:


Gen 4 and Mewtwo Day for Ultra Bonus! (Long Live Shiny Psystrike Mewtwo!..)


No thanks, I dont want my Mewtwo to become obsolete because of no TMs working