Second Move Cost


Any guesses on when will the price start dropping? Only a very small part of players will want to spend it on anything bar Gyarados/Charizard/Venusaur this way


I doubt they ever will. They didn’t drop pricing so much for trades, so I doubt they will here.


You do decrease the price as you level up friendship however, and people do trade a lot
Almost nobody will spend this much dust on more than two Pokemon


I have 8 baby Pokemon with 2 charge moves


Then we need to fight.


Yes yes we do look in the challenge someone thread been waiting on you


Damn, you spent too muuch time on this


Who you talking to


I honestly didn’t take all that much time. lol


I think he was talkin to me


Vanhool, you don’t aggree…it looks like it took a while to do it