Say your best pokemon go story



Got my shiny a day later. Still hunting for a better one and one for my GF


It was my first Mewtwo at November 11, was Easy to was 89% amd i got critical catch.I was the first player with a mewtwo in our city.Now i have 17 Mewtwo.


Step 1 - fail charizard raid with almost 10 people.
Step 2 - start walking away
Step 3 - see dragonite at next pokestop
Step 4 - literally everyone critical catches it on the first ball


WOW thats pretty good.


When legendaries has just come out, I was at Boy Scout National Jamboree 2017, where Scouts from all over the world gathered to do cool stuff. But it doesn’t matter where I am, I’m still a Pokémon nerd! And many others felt the same way. So when I saw an Articuno raid down in the back of our activity sight, I was surprised to see almost 65 people already there to join the raid! It was the best PoGo moment I’ve ever had!

P.S.-I did catch it, but I was the only one from Instinct there :stuck_out_tongue:


WOW thats pretty good.


17 Mewtwo > 0 mewtwo thats how many I have.


Last night:

raiding was low. people are getting bored with Kyogre most likely since our core all have shinies. Multiple eggs just past 6 PM were complete ignored. By the time i could play 2 more eggs were up. Dilemma … those gyms already are at gold and already did 2 raids earlier that day but my GF still needed her shiny.

So i decided to post 1 raid at 8.40 PM and a second at 9 PM. No additional players reported besides 2 that only came if more would come. Still decided to drive to the gym since we had to pick up a 3 excellent curve ball quest that was on the same route. When arriving at the gym, 1 player was already there who doesn’t use our app group. Another non-reporter also joined and i reported in the app we would be with enough if the rest joined but would be delayed for waiting at the others, so had to cancel our 9 PM attendance.

In the end we played with a 15 minute delay and a group of 10. My GF got her shiny. All because of a "let’s just report and go there and we’ll see whatever happens"
the 9 PM raid luckily got enough attendance without us so that one was played aswell.


Nice you have the shiny, and your Girlfriend does to!


Getting a 100IV Kyogre right after CMD, a 100IV Eevee a few hours after, then raiding every single Kyogre by the beginning of this week in frustration of no shinies, getting a second 100IV this afternoon and a shiny on my very last raid I could afford


Wow 2 100 IVs , a shiny , and I dont even have Kyogre. I caught one for me sister though so :expressionless:


First dragon:

Was driving down the road my gf saw a dragonair i pulled a U turn caught that dragonair ! first ever dragon i saw in my city.


WoW when did that happen?




And here is my worst story:
Trading and friend system.I Can not Trade or have Friends!im almost quitting!


Are you above level 30? The people who use PTC in my community have been able to trade


Im level 39.


The age was 9 so it will never be changed.i dont like pogo anymore


Email them saying how you are over 13.


Already did and didnt work