Say your best pokemon go story



I will start with mine:
I was driving (a passenger dont worry) to a resturant when we stopped at a gym, not on purpose, because of a red light. I get the stop when I realize 12 people are there to do the Latias raid. I join the lobby with the other people (which must have looked weird because they were all level 40 and I was 32. I was skeptical about being able to battle the boss when it actually let me into the raid. We won and I got a critical catch first ball, my first Latias!


a small one from last weekend. Not my best but fresh:

we were having a raid train with a small dedicated group for shiny kyogre hunting. Every raid some people would join or leave but the core 7 accounts remained strong.
We were ahead of schedule multiple times and had to wait for eggs to hatch. We managed to to take over a valor gym twice under the nose of the valor players (4 accounts) with us being 2 instinct accounts. Small talk + sneaky battling = extra balls :smile:
It was fun to warn other Instinct player to add a pokemon just before the egg hatched while Valor was “WTF happened”? and that twice.

Also: we did a 5-man Blizzard Kyogre with succes. Came very close with 3 seconds remaining but felt good.


Trying to think back to the very beginning, almost two years ago, I’ve had a handful of good PoGo moments but off the top of my head it has to be either my first Dragonite encounter or my first shiny. Both of which I had been grinding my head off to find but with patience and dedication I managed to eventually get both


When I was getting excited about Eggstravaganza and finally getting a Wynaut

On the first day, Ive hatched a 100IV Chimecho from an older 10km egg


Nice. Did you get the shiny?


Got my shiny a day later. Still hunting for a better one and one for my GF


It was my first Mewtwo at November 11, was Easy to was 89% amd i got critical catch.I was the first player with a mewtwo in our city.Now i have 17 Mewtwo.


Step 1 - fail charizard raid with almost 10 people.
Step 2 - start walking away
Step 3 - see dragonite at next pokestop
Step 4 - literally everyone critical catches it on the first ball


WOW thats pretty good.


When legendaries has just come out, I was at Boy Scout National Jamboree 2017, where Scouts from all over the world gathered to do cool stuff. But it doesn’t matter where I am, I’m still a Pokémon nerd! And many others felt the same way. So when I saw an Articuno raid down in the back of our activity sight, I was surprised to see almost 65 people already there to join the raid! It was the best PoGo moment I’ve ever had!

P.S.-I did catch it, but I was the only one from Instinct there :stuck_out_tongue:


WOW thats pretty good.


17 Mewtwo > 0 mewtwo thats how many I have.


Last night:

raiding was low. people are getting bored with Kyogre most likely since our core all have shinies. Multiple eggs just past 6 PM were complete ignored. By the time i could play 2 more eggs were up. Dilemma … those gyms already are at gold and already did 2 raids earlier that day but my GF still needed her shiny.

So i decided to post 1 raid at 8.40 PM and a second at 9 PM. No additional players reported besides 2 that only came if more would come. Still decided to drive to the gym since we had to pick up a 3 excellent curve ball quest that was on the same route. When arriving at the gym, 1 player was already there who doesn’t use our app group. Another non-reporter also joined and i reported in the app we would be with enough if the rest joined but would be delayed for waiting at the others, so had to cancel our 9 PM attendance.

In the end we played with a 15 minute delay and a group of 10. My GF got her shiny. All because of a "let’s just report and go there and we’ll see whatever happens"
the 9 PM raid luckily got enough attendance without us so that one was played aswell.


Nice you have the shiny, and your Girlfriend does to!


Getting a 100IV Kyogre right after CMD, a 100IV Eevee a few hours after, then raiding every single Kyogre by the beginning of this week in frustration of no shinies, getting a second 100IV this afternoon and a shiny on my very last raid I could afford


Wow 2 100 IVs , a shiny , and I dont even have Kyogre. I caught one for me sister though so :expressionless:


First dragon:

Was driving down the road my gf saw a dragonair i pulled a U turn caught that dragonair ! first ever dragon i saw in my city.


WoW when did that happen?




And here is my worst story:
Trading and friend system.I Can not Trade or have Friends!im almost quitting!