Salamence's Community Day Exclusive Move is Outrage! | Pokemon GO Hub



Oh god no


Not special, could be worse.
Tactic: Evolve 3 shinys or so (maybe more depending on candys aquired) during CD, trade them with lucky friends after to get a lucky shiny Outrage.

Will be nice to have some more diversity in my dragon team.


I was really hoping for Fly


Did I call it, or did I call it?


I might only raid Bagon instead of Giratina-O before Saturday, lol


I like Outrage


Hell yea was hoping for this it’s outrageous how good it is lol


No mention of Shiny in the New update today.
Don’t they normally mention that.


Does this make Salamence outrageously good?


My quest to get at lest one really good from Raids before Saturday is failing badly atm :cry::cry::cry:
5 Raids before Bug week when it was replaced and 4 in the last 2 days since its been back.
All 9 are junk 87% or below not worthy of evolution. Dragon types really hate me.

I’ll be nice and annoyed after CD having buckets loads of Candy and nothing to use it one. There is no way in hell Niantic will be giving away great IV’s for this one.


This would be first CD without Shiny I think if they don’t release it.


Another friend told me it’s not mentioned in those notifications before.
It’s basically a given that CD is Shiny release.


Just agree with a best friend to lucky trade shinies once you reach LF


Got a 93% 15 attack Bagon from raid today


Your Lucky.

In last ditch effort to get something great to evolve tomorrow I had 2 1/2hrs sleep so I could go and do as many Bacon raids as possible before starting work today.
Got 7 done today bringing the total of Bacon Raids Pre and Post Bug event to 17. Not one better than 87% makes me very annoyed.


Going to do first ever Community Day at home on my couch as I watch the Caps in the playoffs.


You got to go outside and do this one dude it is one of the good ones


Record the playoffs, disconnect all social media and then watch the game when you get back home. I do this with F1 all the time when i cant watch at work :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope. I already have 2 Salamence and going to watch game.