[Role Playing] Calling the best Pokemon trainers!


I challenge you to a battle of my level 81 Pikachu who is 100% IV. I won the Orange Islands. What have you done?


You lie because every starter is 10/10/10 IV.


I challenge you to evolve it into Raichu!!!


I challenge you to give it to me :sunglasses:


My name is Ash from Pallet town. Professor Oak said its 100%. Professor willows Pokemon are 10/10/10. You are dealing with someone who is beyond your level. Level 40 is like so 20 years ago.


Dude, what have you been taking lately???


Must be those Nanab Berries, they sometimes have psychoactive effects.

Post your Spinda

How many badges do you have? I have 56 from all over the world.


OMG hi reversal!!! :blush:


I’m calling out Reversal to battle in California next month!


@Reversal a challenger appears!


Guess people didn’t like me being Ash Ketchum lol


im so lost that i was predicting someone would say he is trolling but then it turns out to be an in joke LOL


I accept your challenge
You cant beat my 100iv lvl 100 shiny ralts


Don’t worry about it. Ash only won the Orange Islands tournament and hasn’t won another Pokemon tournament yet. When was that? 18-19 years ago?