Rhyperior - The New Meta


Rhyperior has 241 attack, 190 defense, and 251 stamina. Tyranitar has 251 attack, 212 defense, and 200 stamina. This puts Rhyperior at 10 less attack, 22 less defense, and FIFTY ONE more stamina. This puts Rhyperior as the better pokemon in nearly every situation.

Now, the only other meta relevant new rock type coming is Ranpardos, who has 295 attack, 109 defense, and 209 stamina. It is a glass cannon, of course, with the second most attack out of any pokemon released so far, but 209 stamina means it isn’t that frail.

Rhyperior will be awesome, don’t you think?
I have a few pretty good Rhydons, and a hundo!

Post your Rhydons, and say what you think about these pokemon!


Keep in mind Niantic has already announced (and briefly rolled out) stats will be changing so while I expect Rhyperior will be s beast those stats are not necessarily accurate.


I know that :+1::+1::+1:.
Come on, post your rhydons!


They are, Gen 4 already has udpated stats in the game master file (thats why Rhyperior’s HP is an odd number despite the original calculation being HP*2)


me wants rhyperior



I have one that’s Maxed Out and all the Candy I need to take others to fully Powered Up.
To save a heap of questions? Ryhorns and Geo are some of the most common in my home area. 1/2 have been caught with the assistance of Maps/Tracker Apps when they were working or Discord Chat where the good ones were found. All have been caught within a 15min drive from work or home.


Been saving all candy for almost a year waiting for Rhyperior.






I would suggest to wait, you dont need him at the moment and a Rhyhorn Community Day with Drill Run would make him overshadow it



We can’t evolve any good pokemon until their cd.


We have never had a community day which required evolution items for the final evolve. I doubt they start that now, especially since there are so many evolves possible from the Sinnoh stones.

It might be perudent to hedge your bets and save one or two good Pokémon in case of a community day or in case a new desirable moveset gets released. That said, keep in mind there are 12 community days in a year, and there are more than 12 Pokémon with 3 stage evolutions so not every one will get a day.

Also Rhyperior has good moves available now so why not evolve one or two and utilize this new powerful beast.


Rhyperior and Drill Run fit together well, it doesnt have a shiny out and it is a three stager
If they can overcome the Sinnoh Stone problem, its one of the possibilities

Yes, its quite unlikely, thats right, but Rhyperior isnt game-breaking or the best in either of its types, so you might leave your best IV Rhydon unevolved



Tbf I will try to save stones I will get, I have a lot of right candidates but fear of missing out is stronger than my ambitions to fill the dex asap. With whole this nonsense Id rather take it slow and see what will happen, plus Im getting my first stone only tomorrow :sweat_smile: