Rhyperior or Tyranitar


Should I use Rhyperior or Tyranitar?
Rhyperior is 100 IVs with smack down stone edge and earthquake.
Tyranitar is 87 IV 15 attack smack down stone edge.

  • Rhyperior
  • Tyranitar

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I’d go Rhyperior because it’s easier to get candy for+ they’re really pretty much equal in battles


I say rhyperior because it’s 100 Iv and 2 charge moves


Based on those statistics alone, Rhyperior. Just beware using it against Pokemon that could learn Solar Beam or Hydro Pump.


Use them for what purpose? Are they at the same level? You can buy Crunch for your ttar if it’s your best one.


Pvp, yes, its my highest level but not IV, I’d rather save tms


You can use them both against me. :wink:


Both??? :thinking::sweat_smile:


Yes, I faced your TTar before. If you use, you can test how well they perform actually in battle, not just on paper, and how you would like to use them against other trainers.


I’ve used Tyranitar more so far, but have used both less than I thought I would.


It’s 50, 50, lol…


Solar beam absolutely wrecks Rhyperior. Not much of a fan of it.


*Edit, meant to click on Tyranitar on vote system. Oops.


Like I said, based purely on the statistics. That Tyranitar wouldn’t do any better against Solar Beam, due to weakened defense.