Returning player! What's changed?


Hello everyone!

Due to the upcoming introduction of trainer battles, I’m thinking about re-downloading the game and was wondering how much the game has changed since I last played. I got it at launch but uninstalled the game a few months before Gen 2 pokemon were added. Is the game still fun? What and how is the current meta? Is it worth coming back to the game after such a long break?

I greatly appreciate any info that you all can share! Thanks!


Hi, a lot if things have changed in Pokemon GO since 2016, like reworking the gyms, raid battles, generation 3 and 4, legendaries, trading, and community days, which happen every month, and feature a certain pokemon, say Pikachu, Eevee, Dratini and more! Next month is guaranteed to be Totodile. Shiny pokemon have been released, and research tasks too! I hope you have a great time coming back to Pokemon GO!


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7 km Eggs with Alolan forms, Lucky Pokémon (, Buddy Pokémon?).


He knows about buddy pokemon


Wow, you took a break when the game was basically a wasteland. You got so much ground to cover now, starting by filling your pokedex with at least 200 new Pokemon.


Hi welcome