Research Test Incoming?


If you look to the end where you see someone catching it … and you look a professor willow saying he will need help… and you realize… a test is incoming… to cath the MYTHICAL Meltan!!


@Kevin_v_Hoften RESEARCHERS UNITE!!!


Im Ash,the real researcher!


Ill come join the research.


Oh please we need profesional trainers

Also, isnt this availible only to accounts linked to LGO?


I don’t think so, maybe nutto for all.


This was the special gift though


Unless Melton isn’t the special gift from Let’s Go.


Its a mythical and it was revealed to have connection between LGO and GO


That is true, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be the special gift. (Ps I’m pretty sure it is and that you are right, just offering another view, for the sake of discussion)