Research - I was so hyped to get Mew via Quests, until i read that one specific task


Evolve magikarp. It took me more than a YEAR to achieve it, and now they want me to do it all over again? I know that mythicals aren’t supposed to be easy to get. But really. I have to grind another year to get mew? I think that this will encourage me even further to leave the game.


Use rare candies and walk Magikarp


This is why I make sure I have a pich candy to evolve one of everything in the dex or enough rare candy to make it happen.
I am sorry though. It may be time to get your local community to coordinate & update the Silp Rd Nest Atlas, or just get them to tell you where a Magikarp nest is…


Just some options to evolve Magikarp faster:

  • Catch a Magikarp/Gyarados.

  • Pinap a Magikarp/Gyarados while catching it.

  • Raid a Magikarp (Tier 1, soloable).

  • Use Rare Candies on Magikarp.

  • Walk Magikarp as a Buddy (1KM per Candy).

  • Feed Magikarp/Gyarados placed in Gyms.

  • Do Quest Where you can get a wild Encounter from it, maybe you can get a Magikarp/Gyarados to catch.

  • I don’t know if it is hatchable, but if it is, try that too.

  • Save your Candies (don’t power up etc).

  • Use an Incense to more easily find a Magikarp.

  • Transfer as many Magikarps as possible and as you want (I always save two, if I have more, I transfer it).

  • Evolving a Pokémon also gives a candy, but this is the most useless option.

Maybe you get some shinies!
Good luck, by the way.

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Magikarp farming
Gyrados evolving

I will definitely pinap it and i will also definitely use rare candies on it, thanks tho for tips!


Don’t think the quests are supposed to be easy


Ik. I was just saying.


I never got a gyarados and have 380 candies from walking with my buddy “Magikarp” so I think im fine.


I have three of them, but now only 85 candies, so I have to stock up rapidly.


In one month alone I got 72 candies from walking with it… and I am not that big of a player like all of these level 35 plus out there…


It could of said “Catch one Unown” or “Complete 3 Ex Raids”.
In all honesty, it SHOULD be something like those examples.
Finding a Ditto and evolving a Marikarp are difficult, but based on the idea of ”Mythical”, these tasks are hardly up to the standards I foresaw.


I would wait with transfering your magikarps. Maybe a double candy event is arround the corner so it would be better to wait. It wont hurt if you do. If you have 30 of them you can either wait till you have 370 and throw them away OR you can transer those 30 for 60 candy during an event. It makes quite a difference.


Yeah, well, I just evolved a 94 IV Magikarp two hours before reading the research tasks. I’ve been gathering the candles since September 25. Now I have 12. Bummer is an understatement!!


I have just given it as an option😉


I know, and i just expand on it by saying it could be maximized :wink:


Okay. Shame I don’t have enough space left for that🤣


Has anyone noticed that the spawn rate for magikarp and increased greatly since the quests went live. I’ve seen and caught 10 in the past 24 hours. It could also mean I’m near a nest.


Yes they are appearing much more frequently plus they appear as a mystery Pokémon reward for the field tasks too, ive had 3 for collecting 10 Pokémon. Always pinap them, have it as your buddy and do lots of tasks and it should be much faster to get the 400 candy than it has been so far. I’ve got enough candy to evolve a second gyarados but I’ve been saving it to use on a shiny magikarp - if I ever get one! - so I’m going to save 800 candy to do the task and also evolve a shiny should one miraculously appear.


Wow. I have like 20 Gyarados. But I live in Amsterdam. Canals everywhere and so many magikarps. I read so many comments from people who don’t even have a Gyarados. Just find water and walk your magikarp. It’s 1k per candy.


Random spawns of everything required for the Quests have increased.