Remember, remember the 11th of October


So it’s about the one month anniversary of the great clawback/removal of new pokestops. Since it also commemorates the death of portal to pokestop synching. I don’t like it, but my emails have all returned and have all reported there will not be any new pokestops added in the foreseeable future.


Sad times… I started playing ingress like a lot of people; feel pretty silly now. I hope portal submission restarts, but nothing in the foreseeable future is a bad sign :frowning: seems like niantic couldn’t handle it all when people joined ingress and thought they could get new stops.


Yea, i hate that pokestop removal, there was new pokestops near house, but now they’re gone. Btw it’s funny coincedence since 11 november, first month after removal of all new pokestops/gyms, there’s Indepedence Day in my country.