Registeel Is Here! Discussion


What do you think of this? I don’t think anyone is surprised.


Was expecting Regirock
Good to get another Dex entry I guess, and at least I wont feel so bad for raiding a lower tier raid


Probably won’t show up where I live until the morning. I’ll probably give him one shot tomorrow, but need to save pass for Saturday so I can do 6 Zapdos raids.


At least it’s something new…


But honestly, I think I’ll miss out in this one. I can’t do any raids for 3 weeks, probably 5…


You’ll be okay. I bet Registeel will show up in a Research Breakthrough box soon enough.


It needs to for my sanity


My boi Raichu will definetly be a more interesting raid boss tbh


Well atleast it will be easy… But im as excited for this one as i was for regice… Its worthless untill they can be placed in gyms. And even then…


Even then Metagross beats it straight up
Regice and Regirock would be great defenders (and dont get me started on Lugia) but this would be a piece of garbage regardless



I’m struggling to contain my excitement :roll_eyes:


Another legendary missed


You do a raid for him, raichu or registeel yet?


So how did it go?




Other golems have at least potential use, this garbage doesnt


Not really, Regigigas is way better than all of them


Probably neither, he would get nerfed


Ya… sad