Regional Pokemon


Is anyone here from Australia if so please post


Where do you live?


I know where cup sent me his last present from, but I’m not going to give that info out without his consent.


I have a few Australians on my Friends list, but good luck getting them to get within 10 meters of you. But even then, we are talking about an entire continent you would need to traverse if you are going there and want to meet them. I went to Australia in 1998. If I ever moved out of the U.S. , Australia would be the first place I’d want to live. Loved my time there and it was just the best.


I’m from texas


What is your name in pogo


bobby jack is is name, pokemon go is his game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Also, is from Australia, not specifying where without his consent.


Need someone to help me get a gengiskon


:sweat_smile: Email Niantic asking for International trading


Use this @Cup


Naw I have a plan but need some one form there


? From Niantic? :thinking::grin:


No from Australia


I’m from texas