Regional - My Home Town - Balete


Just want to share a video to commemorate our town’s 100 years.

My gym’s marker is shown in 0:37, the towns Welcome Arch.

Enchanting Balete


100 years. How cute. Must be American :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My birthplace dates back to 1236 :sweat_smile:


Mine (delft) to 1250’s. My current hometown, Rijswijk (next to delft), dates back to even 12 BC!


And if that is Old, a town between Rijswijk and Leidschenhage/-veen, Voorburg, dates back to 2700 b c.


It is actually Asian, with Spanish influences dating from 1520s and was also raided by the Japanese during World War II.

Adjacent town even have what we now called “The 19 Martyrs”, they were civilians murdered by Japanese soldiers during World War II after they were suspected of supporting guerrilla units of our country’s armed forces. They were forced to divulge the identities of the guerrillas they supported but they choose to die and was executed on the towns square in public to spread fear and intimidation. However, the event just spark a series of local revolution and spread to neighboring towns where people were close in ideals even though they are not related in blood.

Our town’s contribute as a watch tower having one of the highest peak called “Agtawagon Hill” where a network of fox holes serves the guerrilla movement and provided early warning of incoming battalions which either they ambush or at least warned allied forces to prepare for engagement. The natural fortress only gives in when series of aerial bombardment were dumped on the site and was abandoned, since no anti-air armaments were in place, thus making the guerrilla units retreat far into the mountains to continue their quest.


100 years, could be Canadian or some cities/towns in the Middle East, Asia (China, N. & S Korea) or even some places in Africa


Your town is beautiful


The Phillippines is an awesome place. There aren’t many places I’d want to live besides the U.S. Australia and the Philippines make the short list.


Have you been here for a long time? Where in particular if you don’t mind me asking…