Regional exclusive Pokemon: Gen 4


I can’t see any point of releasing new regional exclusive Pokemon in gen 4. Only 5 non-legendary Pokemon have got no evolution and I don’t think any of them could be regional exclusive Pokemon.

Maybe no more regional exclusive Pokemon will be added since gen 4.


Manaphy could be similar to Corsola as a regional. They should also make rotom have different forms based on region.


Manaphy can be a regional exclusive raid boss


Ive always thought that Niantic should of released pokemon randomly after gen 2…from all gens. It would be every 2 weeks 2 random pokemon from gen 3-7 plus 2 shinies from the previous gens. There should always be regionals even if we cant travel there…makes the game more interesting. As for who i think should be regionals, my pick would be the starters. Have it set up like the beasts except they would be there permanently


Same as my thoughts: releasing 1-5 Pokemon per week by pokedex numbers


Slow release of new Pokémon would be a game killer.
1). From a marketing aspect you build a lot of hype with a big rollout. Stretching it out for 15-30 weeks would not allow Pokémon Go to build any enthusiasm.
2). It also works against the game biome mechanic. Players could at least in theory get zero or 1 new Pokémon in a week on a slow release. It also hurts the biome mechanic in as much as if rare Pokémon is released late, which would happen if you released by pokedex number you would have months less time to catch it.
3). Interference with other people events that drive excitement from the player base and generate money for Niantic.

I fully expect to see all or nearly all of Gen 3 releases in the next 10 weeks.


Possibly Europe gets a new regional one, because there’s a problem with Mr. Mime, but I don’t know


I think Antarctica is the place to not get a Regional Pokemon yet.


Nobody plays in Antarctica
Quite sure Russia doesn’t have a regional right now, and maybe the Oceania is missing out as well (isnt Relicanth limited to only Fiji and NZ or something like that?)


Yes, Relicanth is New Zealand and I think Torkoal is India and southeast Asia.


Niantic might try Shellos and Gastrodon in the western/eastern hemisphere.


That would be a cool regional because they would act like Castform where you only need one for the Pokédex but they have their east and west variants available in different places.