Reddit Group for Trainer Codes


This might help for some people.There are alot of trainer codes there.




I’m not sure if promoting other sites trainer codes megathreads are allowed because thid site has a perfectly good one created by @Cup.


Allowed or not, it’s completely ineccessary…
I don’t think there’s a user of this site who doesn’t find enough codes here…




Well,The Reddit group Works better .It is more clear.And there isnt just 1 topic.but more in that server.


Don’t know what to say


@thorend why did you open it?


Because Reddit is not our enemy or our competitor, they are just another resource for players. I would expect they would offer us the same courtesy


I agree, the mega friend code thread helps out heaps. I was getting 30-40 requests a day, I’m now maxed at 200.


You know you can refesh your code to stop the invites?


I didn’t know know that, Thank you :blush:


So how do I post my trainer code to add friends? I added a topic but it was removed also how do I make an avatar on here?


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Here is where to post your trainer code.

Hopefully you will find many friends on the thread :smiley: