Realistically speaking, what are you expecting to see this summer from Pokémon Go?


I’m really excited to see what will happen and I believe that we all can agree that this summer will have to be wilder than before because they’re going to have to outdo themselves. But how? What will it be? PvP finally making its way into Pokémon Go? Please?
Mythicals I believe we’ll start to see rolling out beforehand through the quest system if that drops by the 2nd quarter so I don’t think that’s it. Perhaps that much needed gym battle update. God I’d so love that. I mean really what will they do? Abilities and status conditions? I’ve never played the main series games so this is my gateway into the pokémon gaming universe.

We already have gen3, legendaries and weather conditions. What else could it be at this point? The anticipation is killing me.


I think that pvp will be rolled out on pokemon go’s birthday, and quests will come earlier.


I’d be so happy with that.


I think quests will come this quarter


One can only hope.


Quests will definitely be here by the summer, hopefully around March/April. A gym rework is probably the next big thing to lead into PvP


We need all of that new content bad.


I personally want to see another capture challenge event or the like to try and fill my pokedex. Before the event, Farfetch’d was more legendary than the legendary birds.