Rayquaza Shiny For Sale

Hi I have a rayquaza shiny on Pokémon go , someone interested in buy it?

Well… I might be interested… but the thing is… those shiny Rayquaza take a lot of looking after you know.

Firstly, you gotta buy a really big cage to keep it in.
Secondly, they eat an awful lot of berries/smaller Pokémon.
And thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, you need to spend a lot of time petting them so the don’t get lonely and destroy your house and all its contents.

So how about you send me a cheque with an initial payment of, say, €10,000 and then another one every month for a further €830 until the day you die. Then I might be interested in taking it off your hands.

Does that sound okay to you?


Do you need a license to actually own a Rayquaza?


Be careful, it might be a scam and it’s only a normal Rayquaza rolled in Glitter.


I’m calling up Daenerys for authentication.

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Rayquaza eats rocks lol

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By the way, selling accounts is against TOS of Niantic if I recall correctly.

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If the Rayquaza takes up too much of your time, perhaps you could take it to Professor Oak. Rumor has it Shiny Rayquaza Smoothie is delicious.